My Hero...

Hey, all!

Happy, happy Saturday! I love the weekends oh-so-much :) I have a new layout to share with you today. I am really looking forward to the Fourth of July...it's one of my favorite holidays...so since I was thinking about it so much today, I decided to make a red, white and blue layout! Here it is:
I finally caved in and bought a sewing machine...which I am absolutely terrible at using. Grrr... I know that I will get the hang of it eventually. It's just going to take some practice. I tried to make the pages sewn together look all neat and nice, but I think I was sewing too fast, so it didn't work out too well...I decided to use it anyways...I will keep praciticing, though. I just have to get some patience first ;)

I also tried a new fun technique with twine. I have seen a lot of digital layouts recently that looked like there was twine weaving all about the layout, so I decided to try it with the real thing. I'm pretty satisifed with how it turned out. I held the twine in place with some tiny brads. It was something fun and new to try.
Thanks for stopping by...enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Sarah Lou said...

The way its skipping holes makes me think your tension might be out. But I dont mind the messy stitching at all!!! I love how you have laid the arrows!!!

Antonia Krajicek said...

I hear you on the sewing machine! I bought mine in January and still am not very good with it. Maybe someday I'll cave in and ask for lessons...

I think your layout turned out great though!! The random, messy stitching gives it a playful look :)

sarah said...

i think the sewing on that looks great even tho you did it fast. :)

great design on this one, kat!

have a wonderful week.


deana said...

I think the stitching looks great! You're just supposed to say... "I meant for it to look like that" & go with it! Perfection is overrated! ;-)

ADORABLE page, too, btw!

lisa said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your LO. The stitching, the colours you picked, the string.
Love it : )

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

aww what a sweet layout, i think the twine and sewing looks cool!
it does take a lot of patience to use a sewing machine, ive discovered!

teacher jessy said...

I love the colors...seriously I do!! This is so beautifully done!!