Rain, rain go away...

Good morning, all! It is rainy and icky where I am. I hope it is nice and sunny where you are. I actually LOVE rainy days, just not when I have to go to work. Rainy days make me want to snuggle up with a good book or take a nice long nap!

I have a quick layout to share with you:
You are going to be seeing a lot of Sassafras on my layouts, as I bought one of their mystery boxes and it was chock full of yumminess. Also, see that cute felt flower in the top right corner? That is one of Toni's lovely creations. I used this one because I wanted it to look like concentric circles and not necessarily a flower...Max is a boy doggy after all. Check out more of her fun creations here.

Have a good, dry day!


Antonia Krajicek said...

I'm jealous you got a mystery box! I really wanted to order one, but decided after all of my purging, I wasn't quite ready to start brining more product into the studio. I love Sass though, so I'll look forward to all of the yummy Kat creations in our future!

Thanks so much for the shout out and linking my shop! You're too sweet :)

Ps. It's been raining for two days here in AZ and I'm LOVING it! We don't see rain often though, so we'll take all we can get...ha!

Anonymous said...

That layout is super sweet, Kat!

It wasn't rainy today here, although I kinda wish it would be so that it would cool down here! I'm soooo ready for Fall!!! :)

<3 B