April House of Art Kit

Happy Saturday Morning!! The new House of Art kit is out. Here it is: And here are the projects I made with it: The above picture is of my Grandmother...she was a U.S. Marine during World War II. Isn't that awesome?? This kit is so, so much fun!! I really do love it. And how happy was I that it came with paint?? In other news, I caved and got a Pinterest account. Umm...I love it. And I'm slightly obsessed. You can check out my pinboards here. AND let me know if you are on Pinterest, because I've found that I really like crafty boards. :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

wow..your grandma is very cool... and love all your LO! :) great job. :)

Elizabeth said...

These are so fresh and bright! I wished as I sit here typing this that it was like that outside!! It's raining and yucky!! LOL.

That is a way cool photo of your grandmother! I love older photos!!!

Hope your weekend is grand!

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

Tons of great projects! And what a great photo of your grandma in uniform! So cool that she was a Marine in WWII.

I have a Pintrest account, but haven't allowed myself to use it just yet. I honesty can't figure part of it out and know it will be a big time sucker. BUT, when I'm done with my big project, I'm diving in head first as my reward :)

sophie said...

wow!! you have been busy!! great stuff! the chicago layout is my fav!!

Laurie! said...

I really like the pastels on these layouts. That card is super cute! I may need to scraplift that one.

Luckie said...

I just love them all!!!