December Daily Wrap-Up

Yippee! My DD is complete, just one week into the new year. That's not so bad... I am one of those girls who likes to stop my DD with Christmas, so that helps...that's 6 days that I don't have to cover :o)

Day 21:
This was at our second port call, St. Thomas. The first picture is a self-shot with our boat in the background. The second picture is us messing around in the gift shop later that night.

Day 22:

It was "semi-formal night" on the boat...so we dressed up and wore our semi-formal Santa hats!

DAY 23:

This was at our last port call of the cruise. We ran a 5k that day. It was my idea...and it was sort of a dumb one. After almost a week of eating A LOT and not exercising AT ALL, the 5k was a little rough.

Day 24:

We got off the boat that morning and went back to E's parents' house. I always love going there for many reasons, but also because I really love seeing Chester, their adorable doggy. Can't wait until E and I can get a dog of our own!

Day 25:

We flew back to Cali on X-mas morning, ate enchiladas for lunch, opened presents, and left the mess until the next day :o)

And now you can all breathe a sigh of relief...no more DD posts from me for at least another 10 months or so! Thanks for hanging in there!


Deana said...

What a CUTE book...turned out great! How fun that you got to go to St Thomas, too! I've been there & LOVED it!

Laurie! said...

I like that your family went on a cruise together right before Christmas! That sounds like fun! Your DD book is awesome. I'll have to refer back to your blog posts for inspiration as I make mine.

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

Wow...aren't you both ambitious committing to a 5k during a vacation!

I love how your album turned out. I enjoyed seeing all the pages as it came together and give you huge props for getting it done :)

Luckie said...

I stopped mine on the 24th, and have 3 days left to do... I'm a worse girl than you!!!