Use those ribbon scraps!!

Are you like me? Do you have about 20 pounds of ribbon that you get ovewhelmed just looking at it? I have so, so, so much ribbon...and that never stops me from buying even more. Well, Creating Keepsakes most recent issue came to my rescue, because they did a whole article on innovative ways to use ribbon. One layout by Jennifer McGuire really caught my eye and I just had to do it too so I could use up some of my ribbon scraps. I already found a way to use up my ribbon scraps once before, so I was really excited to see this article and get some more inspiration. To see Jennifer's layout, turn to page 103 of the March/April issue. Her layout is called "The Best."
And in case you couldn't tell, when it comes to using my ribbon stash, I always love the rainbow effect. :)


PaperCameraScissor said...

I have done this before and loved the results. I will have to do again to see if I think of a different way to use up some ribbon.

sarah said...

i haven't been around much because i've been so swamped... but it looks like you are on a roll! you keep coming out with such creative things!

keep up the fab work!

nikilynn said...

I love it Kat... I'm going to have to give this a try!! Thank you sharing!!