I'm baaaack..with more December Daily-ness

Hey, everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas...and are looking forward to a happy New Year. I've been trucking along on my December Daily since returning from a nice vacation with family. But instead of bombarding you with a GIANT post, I figured I would just share a few pages at a time...if you're like me, you are so behind on blogs at this point, that you can really only afford to spend about 30 seonds at each page :o)

Day 12:

These are E's and my Christmas lists. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I made my list on that site and he was able to quickly click on the picture and get to exactly what I wanted!

Day 13:

Ha! I know these pictures look somewhat ridiculous. I ordered Eric one of those really nice memory foam pillows, and for some crazy reason, it shipped in the world's biggest box. I really had to ham it up and capture it on film. :o)

Day 14:

I decided that one ugly faux tree was just not enough, so I added a second "birthday" tree for Eric. His birthday is in January, but I do birthday/Christmas shopping simultaneously. I'm still playing around with the idea of decorating it.

Thanks for stopping by! I will be back again soon with more DD updates {I'm sure you are just riveted to see my progress... ;o)}.

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WillieburgScrapper said...

I just updated mine as well. I was debating whether I should blog about it since it seems so personal it can get a little boring to non family readers. At this point I'm just using the photos I like and putting them wherever they fit- I figure no one will care 2 years from now when I baked the cinnamon rolls or when I went to the mall with my sister- what matters is that the event actually happened and that we had fun. LOVE these pages- the pinterest page is AWESOME and the giant box page made me laugh- the tree theme is turning into a mini of it's own- poor thing- looks like a Charlie Brown special. ;)