More DD pages...

Helo, hello! I have 2 more December Daily pages to share with you. I am a bit behind right now, but I'll be able to catch up this weekend....especially if it stays as cold as it is here.

Day 4:

Here we are making sad faces because we are leaving Vegas. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I had from this day...and I look like a little boy. Oh well... But E makes an incredibly cute puppy dog face, does he not? In addition to the picture, I also put our hotel room keys in the little pocket.

Day 5:

So, I said it was cold here. This was a screenshot taken at about 945 in the morning. I do not think that it came even close to the 66 degree high that it predicted. And I know that 42 degrees is not cold at all compared to some places, but for Southern California, that is super chilly :-)

As always, thanks for dropping by...Enjoy the remainder of the week.


Luckie said...

I say you DD is wonderful! Can't sait to see the other days!

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

We got that same chilly weather here in Scottsdale. I was quite upset when I went to let the dog out and could see my breath in the morning...ha! Such a wimp I am. BTW...you do not look like a little boy in the photo! :)