Stitch Fix Review #6: June

Hey, everyone!!
I received my June fix in the mail yesterday...yay!  This month's box sort of made me sad.  I loved pretty much everything in the box, but a lot of the stuff just didn't look quite right on me...
For an in depth run-down of Stitch Fix, click on my first “review” here.  Here are the basics:
1.  Fill out a style profile.
2.  Schedule a fix!  This can be as frequent (or infrequent) as you would like.
3.  Pay $20 – this is the “styling fee.”  However, if you keep anything from your box, it is automatically applied to your purchase.
4.  Get the clothes and try them on in the comfort of your own home with stuff you already have.
5.  You have 3 days to mail everything you don’t want back to Stitch Fix in a pre-paid shipping envelope.  If you keep all 5 items from your fix, you get a 25% discount.
Here is the first peak at my box:
And here is what I received (PS - I was having a terrible hair day and I just didn't care):
Casey Lace & Stripe Sheer Tank
So...I was pretty unsure about this one when I got my box.  I am sooo not a lace girl.  However, I did end up really liking this top.  In the end, though, I decided that I probably wouldn't wear this very much and I still wasn't totally comfortable with the lace.  Status: Returned.
Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan
I love the color of this cardigan!  So much so that I already own a cardigan in this exact same color!  Also, this sweater was waaay too tiny.  And while my husband is always petitioning me to get tighter clothes, this one was a no-go for me. Status: Returned.
Missy Polka Dot Tab-Sleeve Blouse
Y'all, I am so sad about this one.  I have an almost identical shirt pinned on my style Pinterest board.  Unfortunately, this looked terrible on me.  It was all big and boxy in my body and waaaaay too tight in my back.  So tight that I had a hard time getting it off by myself and sort of begin to have a panic attack because I thought I was going to be stuck in it until my neighbor came home and was able to come over and help me get it off.  (We've all been there, right?!)  Status: Returned.
Caroline Tie Dye Print Maxi Skirt
It's official.  I hate maxi skirts...on me.  They look cute on other people (I'm jealous!) and are so comfy, but I hate the way they look on me.  With sadness in my heart, I updated my style profile to say "No more maxi skirts, please."  I do love this fun, bright pattern, though.  Status: Returned.
Amanda Tie Dye Chevron Print Dress
A winner!  I love this dress.  It is sooooooo comfortable and perfect for the summer.  I'm in love.  :o) 
I also tried it with a pop of color and added a fun skinny belt.  Which look do you think looks better: with or without belt?
Final thoughts:  Even though I only kept one item, I love the item I did keep.  I also feel a lot of these clothes were my style, but just didn't work out quite right.  I'm not disappointed.  I've been spending too much money any ways recently, so I'm actually sort of happy I didn't get a box where everything was absolutely fabulous!
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