Chevron Canvas Art (Take Two - This Time in Ombre!)

Hey, everyone!  A few years ago, I created this Pinterest inspired art piece.  I had a lot of fun making it.  Flash forward a few years and you will find my wonderful niece, Lilly, trying to gather art for an "art wall" in her bedroom.  Of course, I told her I would make a piece or two for her.  As I was brainstorming ideas, I kept coming back to my chevron painting and ultimately decided to create a version of it for her bedroom.
For this project you will need:
a canvas at a size of your choosing, paint, paint brushes, a wooden letter (I had already painted mine black when I took the picture), glitter glue, sequins, scissors, painters tape and a paper triangle made from scrap paper
Step1: Paint a canvas in a solid color.  I chose pink.  To get the ombre effect, I blended in white paint at the top of the canvas and red paint at the bottom.
Steps 2 & 3: Tape off your chevron pattern using painter's tape and the paper triangle.  I used the triangle to ensure that my chevrons were created at the correct angle.  This is totally optional.  It would probably look cool to "eyeball" the chevron pattern and end up with something a bit more wonky and unique.
Step 4:  Tape of the entire canvas.
Step 5:  Paint the canvas in your second color.  I chose purple.  Once again, to get the ombre effect, I blended in blue paint at the top of the canvas and white paint at the bottom.
Step 6: After the paint is dry, remove all the tape to reveal your chevron pattern.
Step 7 (This can be done while paint is drying between the steps on the canvas): Cover your painted letter in glitter glue.
Step 8: Add sequins to the letter before the glue dries.  I had a variety of sequin colors and types to choose from, but ended up going with silver circle sequins in varying sizes.
Step 9: When the letter is dry, glue it on to the canvas...and there you have it!  your work of art is complete!
I hope this tutorial was beneficial!  If you end up trying it out, please leave me a link...I would love to see your finished product!

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