2010 goals re-visited

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Since it is the beginning of July, I figured I should revisit some of my 2010 goals and see how I’m doing so far:

1. Make 100 layouts that I am satisfied with…to date I’ve made 59 ½ . I say “ ½ “ because I’m still trying to decide on one…haha

2. Try new scrapping techniques…I’ve done pretty good with that…we’ll see if it keeps up in this 2nd half of the year

3. Start making cards…I’ve made a few more, but it could go better….I’m still not very good at them, so I probably get a little more frustrated than I should…

4. Use some of those scrappy supplies that I have had lying around forever…umm…yeah…I’m still a paper and embellishment hoarder…boo.
Also, I decided to re-post my 5 favorite layouts of the year so far…this is a constantly changing thing, though. If you ask me to pick my top 5 again tomorrow, it could be completely different. Here they are in no particular order:

Original Post here.

Original post here.

Original post here.

Original post here.

Original post here.

I would love to see everyone else’s top 5 so far…lemme know if you do a similar-type post :o) I would love to stop by your blog and see them all!


Antonia Krajicek said...

You seem to be doing quite well on your goals! Yay for you! I love the idea of a top five (and your top five is super-cute!). I might have to try to do that in the next few weeks :)

valechula said...

I made a similar post!