Krafter's Block

Hey, all! I have recently been suffering from a bad case of creativity block. I sit down and try to scrapbook and everything I end up producing is total rubbish. No fun :( I really want to create something, but my brain just isn't working right. Oh well. I'm sure I'll get my groove back soon. In the meantime, I did draw a sketch today when I was really, really bored. I have not made a layout for it yet. I'm hoping that when I do sit down to use this sketch, I will finally be able to produce something good. So here it is:

I hope everyone has better luck than me being krafty!!


janis said...

this looks like a super fun sketch - - your creative boredom is awesome!!!!

when i don't feel like scrapping or feel that mojo has left me, i scrap with negative space so i don't feel pressured to fill up the whole space. ;o) hope you find your mojo soon.

caroline hancock said...

Hey Kat. I know what you mean i seem to have lost my mojo this month i just cant seem to do anything lol. I have an excuse i am building my own home (well with builders help lol) but am just so stressed with it all i hope once we in the new place and holidays over my mojo will return cos i have a zillion sketches to catch up with lol