Make letters!!

Hey, all! So, I am here with a fun gift idea that you can make for your scrappy friends or your kids...paint them a letter! It's cheap, super easy to do, and it lets people know that you care about them, since you put so much time and effort into their gift. You can buy 9" wooden letters at most craft stores...I got mine at Michaels. They usually have a few different fonts to choose from also, so you can pick a letter that matches your style. This is a letter that I made for an 11 year old girl. She wanted a letter 'A' for her bedroom. She loves lime green, turquoise and flowers (her bedspread is also lime green and turquoise), so this is what I came up with...
I've also seen these given as wedding gifts. Decorate the first letter of the last name for the newly married couple. You can make it ultra classy (wedding colors, pearls and diamonds)...or you can decoupage it with pictures of the couple together. You may even be able to pass this off as a good gift for a guy if you decorate it with the colors of his favorite sports team for an office, etc. I love this project because anything goes...and you can really tailor it to fit the person who it is being made for.

As always, I would love to see any projects you make...so if you do decorate letters, leave a link to this post and I will definitely go shceck them out!


nikilynn said...

That is a good project for my daughter, thanks for sharing this!!!
Happy Holiday's!!!!

Sassy's Pretty Scrappy said...

Oh my this is for my daughter. I love it and she will to. great job it is great. I am so excited to get it. Your the best thanks a bunch.