Dabbling in the World of Fashion Blogging…Sort of. (Stitch Fix Review #1)

Have you guys heard of Stitch Fix?  It’s such a crazy, fun idea and I am totally obsessed with it now…

I first heard of Stitch Fix a few months before I left on my 7-month work trip.  I knew it would not be a good time to try out the service because my fun, new clothes would not get much use.   I have a very specific outfit that I have to wear for work and I was doing all my work in a third world country – not really a place to be fashionable.  But I also knew that it was something that I wanted to try as soon as I got back.
If you have not heard of Stitch Fix, let me give you a basic run down:

(1) You fill out a style profile.  This profile asks you to fill out your sizes, how you like your clothes to fit, which areas of your body you like to flaunt and what you prefer to keep covered.  They also present with you a bunch of different outfits and you have to say whether or not you like them.  There is even an option to leave a link to one of your Pinterest boards so they can get an even better idea of what your style is. 

 (2) After your style profile is complete, you schedule your “fix.”  I was really excited about this because I was under the impression that this was a monthly “club”…but it’s not!  You can schedule your fixes as often as you want.  I plan on scheduling fixes every few months or so. 

 (3) Your fix arrives!  Each fix includes 5 items. 

(4) Try everything on.  Anything that you don’t like can be returned within 3 days using the self-addressed, pre-paid envelope that is included in your package.  Also, after trying everything on, log into your Stitch Fix account and review all the items you received in your fix.  Tell them what you loved and what you hated…and why.  The fixes are supposed to get better as they gather more information on you and your style preferences.

Pricing:  There is a $20 “styling” fee for every box.  However, if you decide to purchase anything in the box, you automatically get to put that $20 toward the cost of the item(s)…pretty good deal.  The website also claims that clothing items cost an average of $65 per piece.  However, this is really dependent on how you fill out your style profile.  There is a “less than $50 per piece” option and while they do not guarantee that every piece will be in your requested price range, they do say they try as hard as possible.  Also, if you end up loving all 5 pieces in your fix, then you get a 25% discount off the entire box.
One of the cool things about the Stitch Fix community is that many users post reviews of their boxes.  When I was deciding whether or not to try Stitch Fix, I googled “Stitch Fix reviews” and spent a good hour or two jumping from blog to blog.  That’s why I decided to do my own review…maybe it can help someone decide whether or not they want to take the plunge and join the Stitch Fix movement.

So, without further ado, here is what my first fix included…also, please ignore the awkward posing…I am so not a fashion blogger!!

Item 1: Halsey Graphic Print Skirt
Loved the pattern…hated the poofy waistband.  I would have definitely kept this skirt if not for the waistband.  I’m not a fan of tucking my shirts into my skirts. 

Each item comes with an outfit card showing you two ideas for how to wear the piece…very convenient for someone who is not the best with putting together her own outfits (ahem, me!)!

Item 2:  Kalie Denim Jacket
My stylist, Amanda, suggested that I wear this jacket with a white t-shirt and the Halsey Graphic Print Skirt.  Unfortunately, the jacket didn’t fit me quite right.  Also, it was really expensive for a denim jacket.   

Item 3:  Clemency Solid Tab-Sleeve Tunic
I loved this tunic.  It was a bit big, but I think with a skinny belt, it will look cute.  I also loved the color. 

Item 4:  Dana Striped Jersey Skirt
The skirt was comfy and I liked the way it fit. Unfortunately, I was having a really hard time figuring out a good shirt to wear with it.  The style card outfit suggestions did not match my style at all, so they didn’t help me much.   

Item 5:  Lina Mini Chevron Print Dress
I styled this dress with red shoes and a red belt and really loved the results.  I thought the dress was pretty flattering…plus, I always love a chevron print!

Final thoughts:  I did think this box was sort of all over the place style-wise, but I’m assuming this is because they are trying to figure me out.  I ended up keeping the tunic and the dress.  I had a ton of fun with this box and I am already looking forward to my next one.  I’ve scheduled my next fix for the first week in February, so I apologize ahead of time to my postal carrier for the stalking!

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, just follow this link!

*I have no affiliation with Stitch Fix except that I am one of their customers.  I will not receive any compensation for this review.  However, the link provided is a referral link that will give me Stitch Fix credit if anyone decides to use it.*

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Cook Scrap Craft said...

Another scrapbooking blogger did a review of Stitch Fix a few months ago, and I thought the idea was pretty cool. I loved your tunic and the dress! Good choices keeping those!

I am really into Just Fab right now for new shoes, and I got a free trial box of beauty products from Julep. That's fun, too!