Stitch Fix #4 || Best Yet!

My latest stitch fix box arrived yesterday.  I was so excited from the first moment I opened my box.  My stylist, Zoila, had obviously checked out my Pinterest board, because she sent me a few things that I had pinned!  (I have since removed the pins to avoid any confusion for future fixes.)
For an in depth run-down of Stitch Fix, click on my first “review” here.  Here are the basics:
1.  Fill out a style profile.
2.  Schedule a fix!  This can be as frequent (or infrequent) as you would like.
3.  Pay $20 – this is the “styling fee.”  However, if you keep anything from your box, it is automatically applied to your purchase.
4.  Get the clothes and try them on in the comfort of your own home with stuff you already have.
5.  You have 3 days to mail everything you don’t want back to Stitch Fix in a pre-paid shipping envelope.  If you keep all 5 items from your fix, you get a 25% discount.
Here was the first look at my box:
I am LOVING all the colors and patterns that I see!!!
And here's a look at each item I received:
Rowena Chevron Print V-Neck Blouse
This is such a fun top to me. I love that it's longer in the back.  My eloquent husband first said that it looked like the rainbow threw up, but then he came around and ended up liking it.  Which is good.  Because I think I would have kept it anyway!  :-) Status: KEPT
Sally Mixed Striped Dress
So, I adore the pattern on this dress.  The color = fantastic.  I also loved that the dress had pockets.  In the end, I just decided that it wasn't really for me.  I thought it was a bit boxy and slightly unflattering. Plus, super structured is not really my style.  Status: RETURNED
Linden Graphic Print Sleeveless Dress
This dress... It's not my usual style...but I fell in love with it.  First of all, I loved the pattern.  I loved that it was somewhat unique.  And Eric really liked this dress.  So, it found a home in my closet!  Status: KEPT
Daphne Scallop Colorblock Dress
I had pinned this dress.  I thought it was unique and had great colors.  I loved it.  Unfortunately, it just didn't look that great on me.  It was too poofy in the chest area and begrudgingly, I had to send it back.  If this dress had worked, I would have kept my entire box for the 25% discount.  Status: SADLY RETURNED
Kye Box Print Swing Skirt
In my opinion, I saved the best for last.  I first saw this skirt on The Box Queen and pinned it immediately.  I knew I needed this colorful, flowy thing in my wardrobe ASAP.  And I am so, so glad that it worked.  This is the second skirt that I've kept from Stitch Fix.  I've doubled the amount of skirts in my closet! Status: KEPT!!
Final thoughts:  This was my favorite fix to date.  I also learned how important it is to pin the pieces that you love...you may actually end up getting them in your box!  And moral of the story: If you send me something bright and colorful in a fun pattern, I'm probably going to keep it.  Ha!

You can see all my Stitch Fix reviews here.
If you are interested in Stitch Fix, just follow this link!
*I have no affiliation with Stitch Fix except that I am one of their customers.  I will not receive any compensation for this review.  However, the link provided is a referral link that will give me Stitch Fix credit if anyone decides to use it.*


Elizabeth said...

love the skirt!!

Unknown said...

Kat this is an AMAZING fix. I just love the dress you kept. It has such a flattering V neck and the mix of colors is gorgeous. You got the same skirt I got in my previous fix. (and thx for linking to me <3<3 ) I am glad you kept it! I did not keep my initial one then regretted it. Luckily in my most current fix they sent me the same style different print and now it resides happily in my closet. :) Will stay in touch to see your future fixes. XOXO, Elif @ theboxqueen

Alison said...

Cute fix! Are you tall? I like a lot of pieces in your fix and I'm not sure if they'd work for me.

Kat said...

Alison, I am 5'7". So...not super tall but not a shorty either...hope that helps! :)

The Fliear Family said...

You did receive an awesome fix! Everything is so unique and bright! That geo dress looks amazing on you! I'm stopping by from the Stitchfix blog.