Christmas wreath!

I made my Christmas wreath a few days ago and it was super, super easy. To complete this project you only need a few items:

-an undecorated wreath
-wire ribbon (I prefer the 2 inch)
-assortment of Christmas ornaments (I used mini ball ornaments and some word ornaments, but this is where the uniqueness comes in, so have fun using whatever kind you like!)
-hot glue gun

All you need to do is wrap the ribbon around the wreath and randomly glue on the ornaments...I told you it was super, super easy. Here is what my finished product looked like:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


sarah said...

CUTE wreath! :) i took a picture of mine too, but i haven't posted it yet. hopefully sometime this week i'll share it on my blog!

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving/weekend!


Cook Scrap Craft said...

That's super cute! You could do something similar for other holidays, too. I'm thinking Easter and substituting cute fake eggs for the Christmas ornament balls!

KristenJo said...

SUPER cute!!!! :)