Lovebirds Christmas Ornaments

So, I was messing around a few weeks ago and came up with the idea to make these cute ornaments:
I got the idea from a mini book kit that I had purchased at my local scrapbook store, The Pink Pineapple. The kit came with some felt pieces and the template to make a little bird. I thought the birdie was just so cute and easy to make, so I expanded on the idea to create the lovebirds ornament.

Here are the supplies you will need:

*Pre-made, unfinished ornament (
Michael's has great ones for only $0.99 in their woodcrafting aisle...and they're actually made out of cardboard)
*Googley eyes/sequins
*Heart-shaped brads/sequins/rhinestones
*Glitter Glue
*Black pen/fine-tip marker
*Paint brush


1. Paint the unfinished ornament the color of your choice. Once the paint is dry, add a coat of glitter glue.

2. Cut the birds out of felt using the birdie template provided. I typically cut out the pattern first and use a needle or pin to hold the the paper pattern in place on the felt.

3. Adhere the felt birds to the dry ornament. Glue on eyes, heart, and draw on the legs.

You can always find special ways to personalize the ornament, by putting names on the birds, etc. I'm making a few of these to give as little gifts to people for Christmas. It's a cute idea, it shows you put time into the gift, and if you make a few, it's a pretty cheap project...I bet kids would like making them, too!


sarah said...

these are so adorable!!! :) what a great idea!


Christina said...

Too cute!!! Great idea!!!

Lydia Siegel said...

How awesome! What a nice way to kick off your new blog!

Karen Lee said...

Very cute!