Be a doodlebug!

I'm sure that everyone has a certain technique they fall back on when they finish a layout, look at it and decide they're not entirely satisfied with how it looks. I know I do. When I finish something and I think it could use a little more, I just doodle on it. I will doodle on some random pattern or stitching to complete my look. I'm envious of those people who actually add stitching...but I'm not incredibly handy with the needle and thread/sewing machine, so doodling will have to do for now until I can learn. I think it just adds the little extra something that my layout is missing. Here is a recent layout that I doodled on:
And here is an older one (I used a sketch from Helen Croft):

What technique do you use when you need to add a little extra to a finished project??
Thanks for stopping by! And come back tomorrow and I will show you my take on my current challenge, in case you find yourself a bit stumped. :o)


Cook Scrap Craft said...

I just LOVE your doodling! I tend to doodle, too, on occasion b/c I don't own a sewing machine and prick my fingers more than enough trying to sew buttons onto clothing. I don't even want to try with paper! It's also fun to try weird things with ribbon, positioning it different or folding it or something.

As always, your LOs rock and I might have to scraplift them!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I love to doodle. Actually I did your challenge last night and doodled on it. I did the PINK NINJA challenge too and again doodled on it.

You did a great job! I think doodles adds that finish touch.

Audra said...

love the doodling... great lo's... i've been practicing with a sewing machine... i'm not very good at it but i love the look of it!!