Christmas Gift Idea...

Hey, all!

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far. This is a Saturday that I actually have to work, but I'm not complaining too much. Next week is Thanksgiving...and I get 2 days off of work for that!

I do have a quick Christmas gift idea to share with you: make a notecard set. My Mom loves to write letters so I decided to make her an "all-occasion" set, if you will. That way I could use a bunch of scraps from my GIANT scrap bin. I also made all the envelopes, since the cards are square-shaped. With the notecards, I am including a roll of tape so she can seal the envelopes, and postage stamps. For some odd reason (and if someone can tell me why, I'd be truly interested to know) square envelopes cost more money to send through the United States Postal Service...so I figured I'd pay! Now, I just have to figure out a what to package them up all nice and pretty...my favorite Christmas preparation: wrapping gifts!
Have a wonderful weekend...and PLEASE...share your Creative Christmas ideas with me. I'm having a hard time with gift ideas this year.


Anonymous said...

Great idea and totally cute cards!! I've always been baffled by the extra postage thing too. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Cook Scrap Craft said...

This is a really great idea. My aunt and I are pen pals, so I think a note card set would be perfect for her!