December Daily Cover

Hey, everyone!

I hope your weekend went well. Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? I did a mega grocery store run today, so I'm all set and ready to go. I'm really excited to cook dinner...I'm not the most experienced cook, but I figured I'd tackle the project...and if it turns out badly, I know how to order pizza :)

Another project I'm tackling: Ali Edwards' December Daily 2010. I've heard such good things about this project that I decided to do it this year. I wasn't totally sure about it. I don't have any kids or a huge family, so I'm worried that I will struggle to fill up all the days, but we'll see...I'm up for the challenge...and I LOVE Christmas, so I figured I should try to document it this year.

Today I'm going to share my cover with you:
I love how it turned out! I was inspired by one of Ali's ideas, found here. I painted the rim of one of my craft jars to stamp the big white circles and the one red one and I painted the rim of the lid of a bottle of glimmer mist to stamp the small green circles.

Over the next few weeks, I will share some of my foundation pages with you and then will hopefully share the final project in January.

Is anyone else doing this project? If so, leave me a link/comment...I would love to check out what you've done so far and get some fun ideas. I've been exploring all the links posted to the December Daily project site already!!


Anonymous said...

Love the cover! And yay for you tackling the December Daily. Maybe one day I'll play along. As of now, I'll be out of town two weeks of December, not even counting Xmas so I know there is NO WAY I'd ever get one done. I envy you for taking it on and can't wait to see the rest :)

Lynn Mercurio said...

Your album cover is divine - love the fun of all those circles. My kids are grown, so it's just me, my hubby and our dog, Allie...kids aren't the only thing that is fun about the holidays. I'm making a list right now of some possible photos - favorite holiday ornaments, movie jackets of those "must-see" holiday favorites, the thermometer (on those days when it's surely to be cold). Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I'll have lots to remember about this year. It's all a matter of really paying attention to your everyday feelings and happenings. I look forward to seeing your pages.